Our uniform is grey trousers or skirt, gold t-shirt and green sweatshirt.  School shoes should be black. White and coloured trainers, or jeans, are not permitted.

There is an expectation that children will wear uniform. Any clothes worn to school should be appropriate and consistent with safety requirements.

We encourage children to have an old shirt in school to protect clothes during artistic activities. Please make sure that children bring a coat to school, quite often the weather can be changeable.

All children do P.E. and games and consequently need P.E. kit.  It consists of trainers or daps, a coloured t. shirt to represent the house team your child is in and shorts (dark).  A P.E. bag is required to keep this equipment in. House teams are;

Aspens – Green

Maple – Blue

Rowan – Red

Willow – Yellow

Trainers are not suitable for apparatus activities and children would normally be barefoot in the hall. Every article of clothing worn or brought to the school must have your child’s name clearly marked on it. Wash-proof pens ensure that the name stays on!


All School Uniform can now be purchased from:

Monkhouse supply Kings’ Forest logo uniform.  For prices and order details please click here.


Jewellery can be a great hazard in school, especially in P.E. and for practical work.  Children have to remove it on these occasions and it is better for children not to wear it whilst at school.  Those children with pierced ears should wear studs and not dangling earrings or hoops as these are a health and safety hazard. All earrings will be covered with tape during PE lessons.

Nail varnish and make up are not permitted.