How old does my child have to be to start at your nursery class?

Parents may pay for sessions as soon as their child is 3. They then get their 15 hours free entitlement sessions in the long terms after they are 3. See table below:

The table below shows when your child will become eligible for their free early learning place.

* Based on a three-term school year

What should I do if I would like my child to join your nursery class?

Parents should either email nursery@kingsforestschool.co.uk  to request an application form or simply download the registration form and return it along with the registration fee . To find out more about out nursery class or to arrange a visit you can email the above address and request a visit – all visits take place after school finishes. Once the forms and registration fee are received parents will be sent written confirmation of their place and nearer the start date, a stay and play session will be arranged.

Can I pay for more than the 15 hours of free sessions?

Yes, you are able to buy extra top up sessions at a cost £13.50 each morning or afternoon session, or £27.00 for a full day. If you decide to take up extra sessions you will be invoiced by the Nursery – fees are due a term in advance. For further information about payments, please see the Nursery Payment Policy.

Can I split my free session vouchers between yourselves and another setting?

Yes you can.

Is my child expected to wear a school uniform?

No, although there is a Little Forest uniform parents are free to send their child to nursery in their choice of clothing but please remember that they are likely to get dirty. All children are provided with a Little Forest T-shirt and jumper upon registration and additional uniform is able to be purchased via the school.

Is my child guaranteed a place at Kings’ Forest Primary School?

No, attending the Little Forest does not guarantee a place at Kings’ Forest Primary School. Admissions to the main school are dealt with by South Gloucestershire council in line with their admissions criteria.

Does my child have to be toilet trained before they start at Little Forest?

Yes, we require all children to be dry and out of nappies during the day before they start with us; we don’t change nappies. Pull-ups are fine for a short period of time if the child is still getting to grips with toileting.