SEN/D and Inclusion

Kings’ Forest Primary School is an inclusive community. We aim to help all children to succeed and to remove any barriers to learning.

We receive Pupil Premium funding to make sure that those children who are eligible for Free School Meals achieve at least as well as all other children. Details of how we use the Pupil Premium to help children can be found here.

All children who apply to Kings’ Forest Primary School are admitted without prejudice and in accordance with LA admissions for providing placements for children with SEND.

Our new school has been built to allow children and carers with disabilities access to all areas of the school. Access points to the school building are on flat surfaces with wide doorways. There is a lift to reach the first floor. There are disabled toilet facilities on the first floor.

The school has an accessibility plan, a copy of which can be viewed here or obtained from the school office.

The SEND and Inclusion policy can be viewed here or obtained from the school office.

If any parent/carer, or any other person involved directly with the school require a specific service or information (in any format), then we will endeavour to meet these needs, wherever possible.

If you need support in translation of documents then please notify the school and we will do our best to accommodate you.


The school SENCo is Mrs Lucy Grabham.  If you have any concerns or would like to talk to Mrs Grabham, please either e-mail the school office at or telephone the school on 01454 866466 to make an appointment.

The Information Report below aids to support you in understanding how we at Kings’ Forest support your child’s additional needs.