Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Rationale.

Our curriculum has been built around thoughtfully chosen topics that will provide access to a deep understanding of the development of human civilization. Our children will learn about key historical themes and links are made across year groups so that no topic is taught in isolation.  Our curriculum looks closely at significant periods of history and maps a journey that enables our children to see themselves and their world in context.

One of the core pillars of our curriculum is Citizenship and we aim for our children to develop a sense of themselves as citizens of their school, their community and of the wider world.

We follow the Oxfam Education for Citizenship Guide for Schools and their core threads of social justice and equality, identity and diversity and globalisation and interdependence. Our children are supported in developing the key skills, values and attitudes that they will need to become conscientious global citizens and as a Rights Respecting school, the UN convention on the Rights of the Child underpins everything that we do.

Teaching Sequence

Engage and Envision

This is a time to fully engage our children in the topic. The children will be introduced to the learning journey ahead of them and know what they are working towards.  It is a time for exploration and curiosity where children can raise questions and share ideas.

Core Learning

This is a time to learn a wide range of new knowledge and skills.  All core subjects are covered and the historical content is taught chronologically, prior learning is built upon which will ensure that children have plenty of opportunities to revisit and to embed their learning.

Express and Enact

As a final project, the children are given the opportunity to express their learning in a way that is meaningful to them and that embeds their sense of citizenship. The express project allows the children to apply their learning to real world issues and as a result supports their understanding that they can each contribute positively to the world around them.

Topic Knowledge Organisers